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Some of the world's best chefs bake bacon to free them to other work, keep kitchens cleaner, and cook bacon with an evenly caramelized color. Baking bacon in the oven allows consistency, cooking larger batches evenly. And, it won't leave you jumping back from painful bacon grease splatters or scrubbing off your backboard. This is an especially great bacon cooking method for households with children, where bacon can be a dangerous hazard. Plus, it really limits grease fires. This quick video gives simple instructions for how to make bacon in the oven.

Follow these simple instructions for how to cook slab bacon or sliced bacon on the grill. Burgers' Smokehouse brings together an amazing steak-cut bacon sampler, so you can have all the bacon in thick cuts that really hold up. Or, cut to your own style with Burgers' Applewood or original hickory-smoked slap bacon.

Chef Ralph Pagano provides a fun twist on a timeless classic for a holiday ham with this pineapple chili holiday ham recipe. Spend more time with your family and less time in the kitchen with prepared gourmet turkey or holiday ham. Burgers Smokehouse has over 65 years of experience crafting the finest cured and smoked meats and gourmet foods.

Baby back ribs for sale and recipes! Burgers' Smokehouse upholds a 60-year-old tradition of slow-smoking their signature sauced baby back ribs.

A video on how to cook spiral ham and sliced ham recipes for family dinners, entertaining, or quick meals.

3 bacon dessert recipes and easy how-to bake bacon instructions. Baking bacon makes for easier cleanup, multitasking, and quicker total cook times for meals since you are not stuck at the stove.

The best bacon recipe may be the simplest: the ultimate bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. Grilling the bacon makes this classic sandwich stand apart from other bacon recipes (but with quality bacon, the rest of these steps will make a mean BLT whether baked or pan fried, too). Burgers' knows the best BLT depends on the quality of ingredients, being prepared well. This is a great way to bring out the farm-to-table freshness of vine ripened heirloom tomatoes, butter lettuce, and grilled Vidalia onions.

Add these sides to the grill for easy ways to complete your summertime cookout menus. Bacon wrapped asparagus, sweet potato salad, and grilled corn with bacon butter!

Three stand-out side pasta summertime recipes to go with cookouts, picnics, barbecues or summer dinners. Large batch pasta salad for big summer gatherings. The best mac and cheese recipe. And dill and ham pasta salad.

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